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The Church of St. Andrew the Apostle

The Church of S. Andrew the Apostle was consecrated in October 1904 and forms part of the S. Germans Estate built by Cameron Corbett at the turn of the last century as part of the expansion and development of South London.

The architect commissioned for this church, P.A. Robson FRIBA thought that the atmospheric conditions prevailing in London during the early part of this century meant that much external ornamentation was a waste and so he gave it a certain reticent dignity and reserved his best decoration for the interior.

The style of the Church is, according to the architect, ‘an adaptation of fourteenth century English Gothic,’ known as ‘decorated,’ but the symbolism attached to such a style has been treated in a manner more suited to the period of its construction.

The High Altar is the central feature, and the aesthetic interest gravitates towards it and to effect this even more the architect carried the Nave arcade right through the chancel to the east wall. The floor of the chancel and Sanctuary areas with its design of marble brought from Sicily, Connemara (Eire), Scyros, Italy and the United States of America and the plinth of Mexican onyx and Belgian Black Marble on which the Altar stands completes the aesthetic design which the architect sought.

The Stained Glass Windows, added later, are all to the original designs of Martin Travers (1886-1948) with the exception of the east window of the Lady Chapel. They have been inserted into their allotted place in his scheme at various times, the last, that of Henry Purcell being inserted in 1998. The windows are of fine quality in design and in colour and enhance the grandeur of the Church’s interior as the architect intended.

Father Robert Jordan


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