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St Andrew the Apostle

Sandhurst Rd, Catford, SE6 1XD

The Lady ChapelThe Lady Chapel

Our Lady Chapel is frequently used for weekday services, and is a quiet corner for private prayer. The chapel can also be used for wedding services, providing a more intimate setting than does the main space within the church for parties with a small number of guests. This chapel is found on the north side of the chancel. The arches along the side of this chapel are glazed to enhance the peaceful feeling within.

The pictures here show the interior of the Lady Chapel; first is a view from the doorway, looking towards the altar; below is a close-up view of the altar itself, showing the carved detail that is covered by the altar cloth in the previous image.

St Andrew's Catford, Lady Chapel altar detail


The Lady Chapel features further examples of the glass designs of Martin Travers. Owing to their small scale, these particular windows are often overlooked by visitors to the church, but well reward those who take the time to seek them out.

The three side windows in this small side chapel were installed and dedicated during 1921.

King David window

Blessed Virgin window

St Teresa window

Chapel of The Child Jesus

Child Jesus windowThe Chapel of the Child Jesus is a small corner of the church reserved for quiet meditation and prayer.

Originally named the Children’s Corner, it was first furnished in October 1926, as a result of voluntary gifts. In 1936, the corner was further beautified by a stained glass window (shown here). This shows Jesus as a boy, robed in an alb and wearing a cope. His right hand is held up in the act of blessing. His left holds an orb surmounted by a cross. The background depicts the city, full of boys and girls playing in the streets.

Chapel of the Child JesusThe chapel is furnished with a small altar and pricket stand where a candle can be lit to remember loved ones or those who have died, who are sick, needy or in distress. There is also a painting depicting an image of Christ accompanied by children, the inscription on the painting reads: "A Memorial from friends, though unknown, in America to the Children of Sandhurst Road School who lost their lives through enemy action on January 20th 1943". It commemorates the death of 38 pupils and several teachers in an attack that took place during World War II. A statue of Jesus as a child  also enhances the area.

The corner was refurbished and re-dedicated as The Chapel of the Child Jesus in 1984, in memory of a past treasurer Maurice Preston, and his son Anthony who was killed in a road traffic accident outside the church.


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