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St Andrew the Apostle

Sandhurst Rd, Catford, SE6 1XD

The East Windows

St Andrews Catford, Lancet window, Archangel Michael St Andrews Catford, east Window St Andrews Catford, lancet window, Archangel Raphael

The striking east window in the chancel is a memorial to those who gave their lives in the First World War. It was given by the congregation at a cost of £1100 and dedicated by the Bishop of Woolwich in 1921. It depicts our Lord sitting enthroned in the City of God; from the foundations of the City emerges the water of life, flowing down to the world. On each side of the central figure is a procession of saints, each bearing his or her banner. Each procession is approcahing the foot of the Throne. At the base are kneeling figures; on the left, a soldier, and on the right, a sailor, each facing towards the central figure. In the tracery above, there are emblems which complete the Blessed Trinity; the Hand indicating the Father and creator, and the Dove emblematic of the Sanctifying Spirit. Also there are the indications of the "Instruments" of the Passion of Our Lord, by and through which his saints and followers are made acceptable to God.

The procession of saints on the left are (from left to right); St Barbara, the Patron Saint of constructive art; St Louis, for France, a ruler and a crusader; St Alban, British Martyr (his face is just visible by the side of the mullion); St George, in armour, the Patron Saint of England and soldiers; St Loginus, whom tradition claims to have been the centurion who stood beside the Cross and said, "Truly this Man was the Son of God". The procession on the right shows (from left to right); St Martin, soldier and Bishop; St Nicholas, Patron Saint of sailors and young people; St Victor, a soldier and Martyr for the Faith; St Andrew (whose face alone is seen) and St Joan of Arc, the Maid of Orleans, in her resplendent robe.

The Lancet Windows

The east window in the chancel, is flanked by the two lancet windows shown above in their relative positions alongside it.

The window to the left depicts the Archangel Michael. It was installed in 1929 as a thankoffering by members of the St Andrew's Ladies' Working Party.

The right hand lancet window depicts the Archangel Raphael. Also installed in 1929, it is the choirboys' memorial to Edward Bonham who died on 28 July 1904 aged 16.


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